Mekkora Race: E55 AMG Mercedes + Fűnyíró VS. Tuningolt Nissan Z350 Téma: Érdekességek

A videó feltöltőjé a Merci (valami olyasmi, mint a lenti képünkön), amiről nem hitte el a Nissanos haverja, hogy bármikor lenyomja. Úgyhogy a fickó lenyomta úgy, hogy volt nála egy fűnyíró is. via Csonti


A friend approached me to race this 350z who claimed to have beaten a Mercedes C63. I found that hard to believe and brushed it off. My friend called me while mowing my lawn and insisted to race him once more. I thought it would be hilarious to not only beat him, but to embarrass him to teach him a lesson. I loaded my mower onto the trailer to and attached the 1000+ pounds to even the odds. Needless to say the odds were still in my favor.